Interested In Maine History?

The National Historic Register has just ventured to say the the former Farwell Brothers Mill and Store in Thorndike Village may be the very last example of a Maine mill that is still completely intact, representing an age of agricultural commerce that the State was founded upon after the arrival of European settlers. A small group of interested people in western Waldo County have purchased the buildings to create a Storytelling Museum and Museum Store that will serve as a place for local legends to be shared. We are a not-for-profit organization, Timelines Community, Inc., concerned with passing on history through oral and written traditions, from elders to youngers, employing media to make it accessible to all. We anticipate storytelling and film-making around local lore. We will create workshops to revive dying skills such as farrier work, metalsmithing, papermaking, leatherwork, fiber and clothing skills, boatbuilding, instrument and music-making. We need your help to make this happen. The Store building is in need of a full foundation, and other buildings require upgrades to make them safe for public access. To maintain the historic nature of the buildings, we intend to be open seasonally to avoid installing central heating or other modern "conveniences". We are asking 800 Waldo County residents to contribute $100 each toward this goal. For your help, we offer entry to special events and dinners to be held over the next two years. You will receive free entry to the Waldo County Open Space Festival, and will be among the first to view the buildings. If you like, you will be invited to help with cataloging of materials and resources as they are unearthed from years of storage. You will become a Farwell's Revivalist. 800 for $100 CAN YOU HELP? For more information, check; Thorndike Mill & Meeting Place on facebook; or email THANKS IN ADVANCE! COME VISIT AND TELL A STORY