THESE BUILDINGS AND CONTENTS ARE PRECIOUS parts of Maine and Thorndike history, and we aim to preserve them to the best of our ability.  From the photo we can see the sag of the caved foundation that is propping the store up with a few rotted timbers; though the upper floors are still straight and strong.  Please help us to bring it back to life.  In the spirit of storytelling, we offer these levels of tax-deductible donations:

BECOME A LEGEND: Donate $10,000 or more toward our projects.  Earmark your donation:  Restoration, Museum, Store, Artisanal Guilds, etc.  Enjoy an annual railroad tour from the coast and a farm supper at the Open Space Festival each June.

BE FOREVER A CLASSIC:  Donate $5,000 or more and enjoy the annual railroad tour and farm supper at the Open Space Festival each June.

WRITE AN ODE:  Donate $2,000 or more...freely express yourself in verse on an odic wall.

SUPPORT THE PLOT:  Donate $1,000 or more, a faux grain bag in the Museum will be stenciled with your name and displayed as stock.

BE A CHARACTER:  We need 800 characters to make the story work.  Donate $100 and help us reach our goal of 800 people.

LONG-TERM, INTEREST-BEARING LOANS are also needed.  Ask us about this or email

Click on the Donate button link in the bottom left of this page, or inquire at or send your donation to The Farwell Project, POB 11, Thorndike, Maine 04986.  Tax-deductible checks may be made out to Timelines Community, Inc.