Photo credit: Fran Gonzales

Photo credit: Fran Gonzales

The Farwell Project progress Report 2018

What we aim to do

  • Clean and restore four legendary buildings to bring forward local history; create a seasonal museum as a backdrop for a community center;

  • Create a regional library of books and non-electronic games; create a used book store;

  • Provide community workshops to teach historic handcraft;

  • Create year-round useful spaces, including retail venues;

  • Create exercise and dance classes/spaces for kids and seniors;

  • Invite community to help; entice local elders to share knowledge and expertise;

  • Provide a railroad destination with light food service;

  • Get community involved in storytelling, poetry, music and drama;

  • Provide a town-center attraction for tourists and fairgoers;

  • Provide rentable spaces for events, including boxcars and train adjuncts.


Who will benefit

  • After-schoolers; home schoolers; new readers;

  • Elders; Recipients of Social Services;

  • Pre-release Work Crew from County Corrections Center;

  • Tourists, visitors from other parts of Maine;

  • Historians; Historical Network;

  • Machinery buffs; Railroad buffs; Locavores; Photographers; Artists; Writers.


What we’re doing now...

  • Concerts (2; 2018 summer season)

  • Suppers (4; 2018 summer season)

  • Call for Stories ( Storytelling Series, March – June 2018):

    • Legends of the Land

    • Elder Voices, Younger Ears

    • Railroad Riffraff & Backyard Blues

    • Local Heroes, Lost Legacies

  • Museum Store; Vintage 1950s Kitchen; Clothing Construction Crew; Production Kitchen

  • Railcycles!

  • Boxcar Books, due to open July 2019.

Who we reach and benefit...

  • Music lovers; Train lovers; Historians; Elders;

  • People learning about preparing and eating local and wild foods;

  • Storytellers seeking an audience; Listeners gleaning information and entertainment;

  • People learning to design, sew, and sell simple and practical clothing;

  • Outdoor enthusiasts, people seeking exercise, nature lovers;

  • People learning the importance of undeveloped land for wildlife habitat.